inspection de voiture
tonte de gazon
faire des lits
inspection de voiture
tonte de gazon
faire des lits

Service Overview

A second home away from home offers a relaxed joyfull resting point to spend holidays whereas on the other hand, it may also cause specific concerns.


  • Who will look after your garden once you are not there (mowing lawn, fallen leaves, removing dead branches)?
  • Who will make sure that your swimming pool (incl installation*) is properly looked after when you have finished your stay (retaining impeccable waterquality)?
  • Who will take care of cleaning fallen leaves and branches in roof’s gutter after the ‘Mistral’ has passed over, avoiding unwanted clogging?
  • Who will pay frequent visits to home and garden, ensuring all is in order?
  • Who makes sure your airconditioning* and/or heating installation* get their regular preventive maintenance or helps clearing disruptions or other failures concerning your fire and intruder alarmsystem*?
  • Who feels responsible making sure that your local vehicle has had its MOT in time or that your (sailing)boat/motorized vessel is taken out of the water in a safe manner*?
  • Who feels free giving you relevant suggestions about innovations on safety and / or comfort (domotica)
  • Who will make sure that your house is tidy, beds made up, comfortably warm (or cold) upon your arrival?
  • Long story short: Who looks after your precious house so that you don’t have to?

This is what we do.

*When, due to significant risks involved, the help of third parties is inevitable (think of certified mechanics, landscaping (garden) or transportation specialists) we will act as an intermediary between you and these contractors upon your approval.